At Kestum Bilt, we offer video production for a variety of different needs. With well over 25 years experience, we offer top notch video production services to our clients, and we're committed to the same levels of quality whether we're making branded social media videos, live action content, experiential content, or anything else. Our focus is on creativity, collaboration, and craftsmanship.

Video Production with Pete Guzzo

One of our directors Pete Guzzo doesn't just think outside the box. Instead, he doesn't even recognize the box. His 15-year career in video production has included everything from thoughtful and emotional public service announcements against human trafficking to inspiring weight loss commercials. Regardless of the topic at hand, he looks into every detail of the product or story he is capturing, and he leverages those details to tell a compelling visual story in just a few seconds.

Video Production with Ricardo Ceballos

When you work with Ricardo Ceballos for your video production needs, you get the pleasure of working with a professional who is an experienced writer, director, and producer. Video production is not an exact science, and Ceballos approaches each project with a lot of intuition. He often starts a project by finding a piece of music or a playlist that pulls it all together. Then, he brings in the acting, framing, and other elements to create the entire production.[SIS1] 

The Essentials of Quality Video Production

Quality video production involves a lot more than just filming something. It involves framing each shot perfectly, choosing the color pallet and lighting that creates the right effect, and transitioning between every scene flawlessly. Bringing all of this together requires someone who understands the art direction aspect of video production. With each shot, the director needs to determine the right lenses to use, the optimal camera angles, the texture of each image, and countless other elements.

The Video Production Process

When you decide to hire a video production professional, the project usually starts with deciding what you need. Many businesses want digital videos to use for online marketing, while others want broadcast videos for TV advertising as well as use on other channels. We start with your creative ideas, and then, we work with you to develop those ideas into a video.

The process often involves several different milestones such as storyboards and scripts. That lets you keep up with what's happening in each stage of the process. Once the video is shot, there's a lot of post production work. That includes editing, color correction, audio mastering, and other elements.

Alternative Ideas in Video Production

The world of video production is constantly changing. Many clients want to play with ideas such as virtual reality, augmented reality, or sensory immersion. We can help you create videos or marketing materials that fall within those specialties, or we can explore more experimental, experiential content with you.

 Making A Connection With Video  

By using the above steps, Kestum Bilt establishes a strong link between the video and the viewer. In 2018 video content will see a surge in popularity. On average, viewers spend two plus hours looking at videos on the internet. Video gives brands a golden opportunity to personalize and connect directly with the consumer. Creating a video that elicits an emotional connection, or a sense of nostalgia, they are more likely to have loyalty toward a particular brand. If you’re video tells a story that the viewer can relate to and get excited for that builds interest. That’s what Kestum Bilt strives for—building unique, quality videos that viewers will want to watch more than once and feel a connection to.  

If you want high quality video production for your business or organization, let's talk. We encourage you to look through some of the videos in our portfolio or in the director's cut section of our website. Contact Kestum Bilt today to learn more about our services and options.