Video Advertising

A generation ago, video advertising was reserved for big corporations or businesses who bought local commercial slots on the networks, but over the last few years, video advertising has evolved. Now, companies of all sizes can and should use video in their marketing efforts. The right video hooks new clients, engages existing customers, and shapes your brand identity.

Telling a Story

Even the shortest bit of video advertising should tell a story. Consumers expect that, and for the most part, advertising has been delivered to them in this format for their entire lives. Gen X'ers are used to the plot lines of the commercials that punctuated their Saturday morning cartoons. Millennials want their videos to go a step further and tell a customized story. Gen Z wants a short story that they can digest in seconds. In all cases, you need to hire a professional who understands this trend and knows how to create storytelling that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Addressing Digital Challenges

As video advertising has increasingly moved from the TV to the internet, it has changed in the process. In the past, consumers were captive audiences. They had to sit through commercials or take the initiative to channel surf. Now, consumers can easily click past or scroll by your message. To succeed in this quickly changing environment, marketers need to be nimble. For instance, most social media channels mute the advertising videos by default. That requires users to take the extra step of unmuting the video, but clever marketers get around that hurdle by posting videos that are appealing when silent. These challenges are constantly changing, and when you hire someone to make marketing videos, you need an expert who knows what the biggest challenges are and how to get around them in the most effective ways.

Reflecting Your Brand

One thing that has long stayed consistent in marketing is the need to reflect your brand. Video advertising must absolutely showcase your brand. That happens in a number of explicit and implicit ways. From the way each shot is structured to the graphics used in the project to the colors highlighted in each frame, countless details work together to create your brand image. Trying to establish your brand image? Want to refine your brand ideals? Need to tweak how consumers see you? Regardless of where you are in your brand development journey, the right advertising video can help you take the next step.

Engaging Viewers

Digital marketing has to engage. It needs to light a spark the minute someone sees the first frame, and it needs to hold their attention to the very last frame. The more engaged viewers are, the more likely they are to act. Whether you want them to make a donation, buy a hat, click a link, subscribe to your service, or take any other actions, they won't do that after an unengaging video or an uninspiring pitch. The world is arguably more vibrant, more interactive, and more exciting than it has ever been before. You need a video that rises above the fray and really clicks with your audience in a unique and sensual way.

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