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Visual Effects.

Story Editing.


With 18 plus years of editorial experience, Chanse uses his post production knowledge and skills to overcome any challenge that a project may present. By envisioning the final edit, he tailors his production to achieve the best possible creative solution.  One that consistently exceeds expectations and is always on strategy, on time and on budget.


DMV “Step by Step”

Everyone is his own cinematographer. His own stream-of-consciousness e-mail poet. His own nightclub DJ. His own political columnist. His own biographer of his top-10 friends!
— Walter Kirn

Chanse (Cont.)

Fondly known as the “Executioner” by many of his peers, Chanse’s attention to detail and strong focus on storytelling combine with his extensive knowledge of tools and technique to produce some truly memorable work.  He loves a challenge – no matter how big or small – and will always see his award-winning work through, from start to finish. His 20 years of expertise in advertising gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing and branding.  Chanse is a mentor to all and his passion, energy and creativity make everyone around him better.  His endless imagination and appetite for exploration have made him a well-known artist and also a very fine cook.  So, if you want your production to really shine, give Chanse a chance.