Corporate videos are boring.

There. We said it. Corporate videos are boring when they have no heart. When the content is
bereft of story, humor, engagement, variety and a call to action.

There are many elements to creating powerful, on-brand, cut-through- the-clutter corporate
videos. The Kestum Bilt team approaches ‘corporate videos’ the way we would approach any
content creation. Whether that video is to inspire your crew, increase click-throughs or
introduce a new product or service, telling your story in a way that resonates emotionally is
what we do.

Let us help you craft a story for your organization that sizzles like a grass-fed 2-inch thick
porterhouse smoking on a hot grill.

SRIXON GOLF, Graeme McDowell






Corporate Video

Whether you're running marketing campaign or creating training videos, corporate video production is be essential. Anyone can grab their phone and create a video, but to truly create a valuable, lasting impact, you need a professional production company. At Kestum Bilt, we create high-quality videos for our corporate clients. Here's a brief look at what that entails.

Telling Your Brand Story
Regardless of the type of video you are creating, your brand story should be at the heart of it. Part of our corporate video production strategy is ensuring that your story is relayed through the visual elements of the video. If you don't have a brand story yet, we can help you craft one that both reflects your values and appeals to your target client base, and then, we can help you figure out how to weave that story through the video.

Types of Corporate Video Production
We produce a wide range of corporate videos for our clients, and that includes the following types of videos:

Ø  Promotional Videos

Ø  Commercials

Ø  Web Videos

Ø  Social Media Videos

Ø  Animation

Ø  Event and Conference Videos

Ø  Training Videos

Ø  And More1

 The Corporate Video Production Process

Our corporate video production process varies based on the type of video you need, and we tailor the process to each of our clients. However, to help you understand the basics, here is an overview of main steps involved in the process:

Ø  Creating a plan based around your objectives, creative goals, and budget

Ø  Doing market research to determine what appeals to your target audience

Ø  Drafting storyboards and writing the script for the video

Ø  Outlining a frame by frame plan

Ø  Scouting locations and finding props or other essentials

Ø  Nailing down talent including actors and camera crews

Ø  Shooting the video

Ø  Editing the video and adding background sound and music

Ø  Completing the post-production process

Ø  Making adjustments as necessary to meet your vision

Ø  Refining your distribution plan to ensure the video gets the exposure it needs

Choosing a Corporate Video Production Company

When you're making a video for your company, the right team can be essential. Ideally, you need a video production team who is willing to embrace your vision but who has the knowledge and expertise to turn your nebulous thoughts into a visually-enticing, engaging video. That's where we come in. We listen to your ideas and help you figure out how to turn them into a compelling video.

As you review different companies who offer corporate video production, look through their director's reels. Ask them about the impact of other corporate videos they produced. Did the videos create the excitement and engagement these companies needed? Did the videos improve sales or help to spread the company's brand story? Did the videos improve social media likes or shares? All of these questions can be important to consider as you look for the right production company.

To learn more or to set up corporate video production, contact Kestum Bilt today. We have a range of directors, creative producers, copywriters, and other creatives who can help to produce the video your company needs to go to the next level. Give us a call today to talk about your corporate video.


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