A Word of Caution for Your In-house Branded Content Studio

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We love branded content. 

In fact, we’ve been creating a lot of it for clients. We have also witnessed more content being created in-house by Branded Content Studios due to the ever-increasing demand to churn out stuff at the speed of social media. Maybe you’re getting ready to build one.

Many content marketing calendars demand two to three posts a week. That’s a ton of work. Especially when the margins are getting thinner and thinner. This is why agencies, brands and publishers typically staff their Branded Content Studios with twentysomethings who know the latest iPhone features and “like, totally get social media.” After all, we’ve convinced ourselves that the majority of branded content should have the authenticity of the stuff our audiences post, “only a little more pro.” 

Here’s the rub: most of it is disposable clutter. And isn’t it breaking through the clutter our prime directive? So, here’s two pieces of advice if you want to create breakthrough branded content. 

First, check your ego and slow down. Believe it or not, no one is anxiously waiting by the phone for your next sponsored Facebook post. Your three-post-a-week schedule is a recipe for disaster. You’ll run out of ideas and burn out your people before Q2. 

Lastly, and perhaps our most important piece of advice: staff your studio with experienced creators and storytellers. Having a killer Instagram account is not a qualification for someone to helm your studio. Great content; the kind that has every CMO asking, “Why can’t we create stuff like that?” takes insight, time and a deep understanding of craftsmanship. That’s what experienced storytellers bring to the table—even if it’s the butcher block table you use for your recipe videos. 

-Your Kestum Bilt Team, www.kestumbilt.com