A Watch Company, Multiple Agencies, a Production Company and a NASCAR Race Car Driver - Decide to Create a Production


Seiko, Multiple Agencies, Kestum Bilt and NASCAR Race Car Driver, Jimmie Johnson

Recently, the Kestum Bilt team had the great pleasure of teaming up with Visionarists, Dentsu and Gravity to shoot and produce with NASCAR race legend, Jimmie Johnson for Seiko watches.  

Director. Manfred Reiff
Kestum Bilt Productions

The amount of moving pieces in a complex video shoot can be daunting and disastrous to the client, product and production. It takes finesse, LASER-beam focus, intense planning, teamwork, collaboration, transparency, creativity, humor and somedays shear grit to make the final magic that gets seen by tens of thousands sometimes millions of people.

Below is a (short) incomplete list of the Kestum Bilt Seiko Shoot by the numbers:

  • 2 Production Companies

  • 3 Full Size Camaros

  • 1 Process Trailer

  • 1 Photo Shoot Team

  • 1 2nd Unit Team Capturing car to car shots, scenic shot and on-set interviews

  • 1 Parking Garage

  • 1 Elementary School

  • 1 Outdoor Product Shot

  • 3 Parking Lots

  • 2 State Roads

  • 5 Permits

  • 4 Motorcycle Cops (rolling barricade)

  • 1 Voiceover Session on set in motorhome

  • 1 (15) Passenger Van

  • 1 Stand-In Model for Jimmie Johnson We needed to match Jimmie’s wedding band

  • 1 Food Truck For breakfast and lunch

  • 5 Children’s Bicycles

  • 1 School Bus

  • 500 AMPs of portable powers

  • 1 Motor Home Complete with 2 levels for office, 2 salons, 2 changing rooms and 2 bathrooms

  • 60 Additional People each with specialized jobs

  • 10 Hours to make the magic happen

  • 6 Hours with Jimmie Johnson

  • 3 Agencies

The above list doesn’t include pre-production, location scouting, post-production and the fact that days before the shoot, Jimmie Johnson crashed at Daytona, fortunately nothing serious. Jimmie went on to race the weekend after our shoot. Jimmie had a small window between wrapping up Daytona and qualifying for Atlanta, in that 6-hour window we shot this commercial, an interview, recorded the voice over, and shot stills for the print/billboard campaign.

With multiple locations and a short window to work with our celebrity talent many elements had to come together and be coordinated. For instance, just crossing railroad tracks on a process trailer took more than just driving and hitting the gas. We had to contact the CSX regional manager to alert all trains to “proceed with caution” and slow down for the hours we were shooting.  We also used 3 different color Camaro cars so that the post team could pick the car bodies and change them to match a specific watch.

In the end, did all the moving parts come together.  You bet.

We think this Helen Keller quote embodies what we do:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Or as Michael Jordan said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships!”

Give us a call or email. We’d love to team up.