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Director. Kip Hewitt

We’re a unique team of talented, creative minds offering a collaborative partnership that’s grounded in strategic thinking and compelling content.

We’ve honed our craft working 25+ years in branded digital/social video content and commercial and broadcast production.

Our team of directors, producers, editors, and creatives have a shared love of craftsmanship and quality. We believe that a relentless attention to detail makes the difference between good and great.

Oh Yeah. We’re a full-service video production company.


What We do

Content Planning, Strategy, Story Telling & Creation. The difference in video & content that wins the day comes down to this: Research & Development, Planning, More Planning, Execution, Channel Optimization (Repeat)

Whether it's a video banner, a lead generation landing page or broadcast spot

Our Recipe

We know that "cutting corners" always comes back to bite you. And we never forget that if the work isn't delivered on strategy, on time and on budget, then it doesn't matter how gorgeous it looks.

If you're a company (large or small), ad agency, or marketing firm that shares the same philosophy, then you should get to know Kestum Bilt. We're big on cultivating strong long-term partnerships with our clients. Partnerships that are built on trust and your satisfaction--not on our bottom line.

Client Engagement

We believe in a novel sometimes forgotten idea: Active listening. Especially to our clients. Sure, we have our opinions and expertise, but we want to know and understand your business needs. Your challenges. Your metrics for success. Then we create the roadmap together to surpass your expectations.

Full Service Content Production & Strategy

Here is a short list of our services: Director's & Treatments, Art Direction, Creative Writing, Production Managers around the US, Creative Producers, Set Design, Casting, Storyboarding and everything else that takes place from concept to final delivery.

Post Production Services

Oh yeah we have a full service post production side to our shop that includes, 4K 8K and even 128K editing, color correction, photoreal compositing, visual effects, motion graphics, original composed music all the way to distribution.

Our Work

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